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Pascal's Bones - SunShip

"His creative spirit brings out the best

in those who work with him...A true collaborator!"

--Scott Killian, High Tech High School

Summer Breeze - Kim Renyolds, SunShip horns
© copyrights
Graphic Element Ninisseus's World" © 2017

"A singular presence in the room,

who always brought good."

--satisfied customer

collaboratIve listening

woodwinds, EFFECTS, side vocals, hand percussion,
voice-over, live reads, 
Music lessons, stage IQ

More about sound services

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"Always pleasant and easy to work with. A truly talented performer!"

--Bob Brown

 concepts for performance

Custom figures, digital services, private and ensemble sessions

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"It's really good to see the younger generation

performing quality hand puppetry."

--Paul Vincent-Davis

Hands-on imagination

Digital and/or Practical solutions in graphic art, logo creation, writing, and performance coaching.

© copyrights

"the attention to design and training was invaluable to our creative process."

--Michael Bobbit

Get in touch

© Dangles

"Friendly, talented, fun and energetic! 

He...had everyone rocking and rolling."

-- Deborah Ellick, MA, SPED

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