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A maze of “musical paths” that are tuned to singing frequencies, echoing hints of millions of songs; a massive maze of walkabout trails, where [celebrity-voiced] Dangles end up if they either lose their nuk-nuks/sight, or where They get their Nuk-Nuks/sight back. Because Dangles have highly developed 'Singabout sonar,' none who wander are ever lost however, in Singabout Sages, they may wander, until found/reunited with their nuk-nuka foreve..


Singabout Sages is the 'land of lakes' where Imperial Waters come up from the Queen's Chamber. They are newly purified, mixed with Dragon tears, glowing like auroras, and keenly psychic. Imperial Waters reflect shapes from within Astronauts' minds, offering them clarity. 


Here, a conversation between the Watcher and Astronaut restores clarity to the "Mystery of the Scroll," paving the way to heal the city and give sight back to the Dangles who lost theirs. Bowing low, the Imperial Waters become flat, glassy and calm; Comets fly overhead, as the group makes their way to the backstage door.

Many Dangles are struck and/or killed every morning during the Morning Blip, so there is as much joy as there is mourning. Every day, a new generation of Dangles is born. Very small, yet are a vital tribe of tiny, magical and symbiotic people, called “Nuk-Nuks,” who live on every surface imaginable…When Nuk-Nuks are frightened, they run away and become the focus of a hunt by the Astronauts and their entourages. Nuk-Muks are vital because without them, the city becomes brittle and regenerates much slower, While the every morning, grandiose, big song and dance number-commotion happens,

There is much joy, as the group returns to the main concert hall. As the golden, cosmic rains can be heard moving in distance, they hit the stage with a packed audience, to make new matter with music that matters. 



Star Drag  ns

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